Second Hand Wedding Dresses-A Smart Choice?

Second hand wedding dresses are the perfect way to get the dress of your dreams without breaking the bank. Every little girl has an image of her wedding dress and her perfect wedding.

Sadly, our wallet does not always live up to our dreams. If you want to get a spectacular dress without the enormous price tag, think about buying a gently worn wedding dress.

No matter where you live, there is more than likely a store that will carry 2nd hand wedding dresses. One of the great things about buying secondhand wedding dresses is that they were probably only worn for a few hours. Unlike many items that you will find in second hand shops a wedding dress will have almost no signs of previous use.


When you are going to these stores keep in mind that you are probably going to need to get the dress altered in some way. If the store that you visit has a seamstress, this will make things much easier for you. Talk to the seamstress, if you are not a sewer, you will be amazed at what they can do. They can do a lot more than just taking the dress in or adjusting the hem. If there is a dress that you like, but the sleeves are not quite what you had in mind, they may be able to remove the sleeves or use the sleeves from another second hand wedding dress.


If you do not like the train, they might be able to remove it or redesigned it. If you like the top of one dress, they might be able to use that and sew a new skirt section.  You have to ask!

Second hand wedding dresses for sale

If there are no stores that offer second hand wedding dresses for sale nearby, you can get a dress online. Many brides are leery of choosing a dress over the internet. They are worried about the fit and quality of the dress. To help you with your decision, one of the best things that you can do is locate a good seamstress in your area.


Talk to her before you purchase anything and make certain that she will be able to do the alterations that you need. If possible, bring her a picture of the dress and discuss your thoughts. Used wedding dresses that have a special edge around the bottom may not be able to be shortened. Depending on the dress and the seamstress, she may be able to change the bottom of the dress or make the desired alteration from the waist.

One of the really great things about looking at second hand wedding dresses is that you might find a designer dress that will fit your budget. Wedding dresses are supposed to be perfect, do not let a price tag stand in the way of your ideal dress. Consider getting a gently worn designer dress.

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