Dresses To Wear To A Wedding


You’ve received an invitation, now you have to start looking at dresses to wear to a wedding.

The challenge can be daunting, but there are some quick ways to narrow down your impending search.

Since couples are feeling less restrained in the type of ceremony they may choose to have, it is the utmost importance that everyone understands the theme, and appropriate dress, the couple will expect their guests to be showing up in.

The bridal wear is not necessarily going to be set in a traditional mode.

Brides may very well opt for colors other than white to begin with. It might be a second marriage, or it could be the bride has always dreamed of having a romantic ceremony at sunset on the beach. What they have in mind might be a bright, airy ceremony with the bride and the bridesmaids dresses all color coordinated.

So, when trying to decide what dress to wear to a wedding, you will have to determine what theme, if any, the couple has agreed upon.

The next factor will be to see what time of day it will be held. Then you’ll need to know whether to expect a formal, semi-formal, or casual atmosphere.

To begin with, if you are unsure of what the couple’s desires are, make the effort to contact them, or someone close to them, to find out exactly what is planned. The invitation alone may not be clear about the expected dress, so you don’t want to be confused about what to wear.

When you are invited to a formal wedding that is scheduled for earlier in the day, a wedding guest should plan on wearing something in a lighter color. However, proper etiquette dictates that only the bride is expected to be wearing white, regardless what colors may be chosen for the wedding gowns. So, look for a short dress, around knee length, in a pastel color, for example.


Dresses to wear to a ceremony to be held in the evening might include the classic little black dress, although maybe in a color other than black, but still in a dark shade. Another choice would include an evening gown or cocktail dress.

A casual wedding might include having a ceremony held at a beach, a park, in someone’s yard, or nearly any venue outside of a church. It could even be a fun-filled theme wedding. Wedding dresses might not even be involved.

Dresses to wear to a wedding are abundant. Which type, and in what color is most appropriate, will depend on several factors. Those will include the theme and time chosen for the ceremony, and what season it will be held in. Know in advance and you’ll carry out your part, that is to be there to offer your support and concern for the newlyweds.

When you are invited to a wedding your budget will be obviously a major factor in what to wear but also your closeness to the married couple, whether they are close family or perhaps work or business acquaintances.


Another factor to consider is how formal you anticipate the wedding to be and even perhaps what the bridesmaids dresses will be like as you certainly do not want to clash with them.

When you do decide to shop around you will obviously want to take a look at the widest selection possible and the internet is a good place to do some window shopping online; who knows, you might even pick up a cheap bargain.

Clearly the location of the wedding will be a huge factor also in your decision as to what to wear and you will find that many couples are getting married in the most unusual places such as beach weddings, backyard and other outdoor locations.Check out outdoor wedding ideas.

You may be in the lucky position to be able to afford the latest designs and fashion from leading designers such as Vera Wang or Jessica McClintock but you will need to consider other factors such as hairstyles and accessories so that you don’t look like mutton dressed up as lamb..no, you want to look classy and elegant.

So, whether you are looking for a nice little low back number, something elegant but cheap or something classy and formal we hope Dresses To Wear To A Wedding helps you find the right apparel for you and that you have a wonderful day.

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